About Mayana

Born in Vietnam and raised in Germany, Mayana has always been passionate about great food. Today she hopes to share her love for great eats through “Mahayana,” her catering and pop-up business.

Mayana began her career in the culinary arts early; when she was 12, she sold her own prepared food at the open market in the small German city where she lived. Over time, her interest in entrepreneurship grew alongside her passion for creating great dishes.

In 2013, while still a student, Mayana opened her first restaurant in Berlin, Germany. After two years of hard work, she sold the restaurant and moved to LA, where she soon found herself hosting intimate dinner parties out of her home. The overwhelmingly positive feedback she received inspired her to create a catering/pop-up business.

When asked what cooking means to her, Mayana answers: “Cooking is like an art. You create one great thing by putting many things together. You have to feel with your heart and also use all your senses. For me, cooking is also meditation. When I cook, I am fully present and focused at all times. It’s truly a transcendental feeling that I absolutely love.To see people having a good time, enjoying my dishes and forgetting all the stress and anxiety they might have, is my greatest pleasure.

“I hope that the love and care I put into my food will be felt by all who experience and taste the dishes I make.”

In addition to her thriving catering business, Mayana plans to expand the company to include a food truck.

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